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As qualified cave trained divers, our visitors usually find their way independently to our magnificent labyrinths doing the traditional accesible routes. 

However we can offer tailored cave dives to more difficult or usually inaccessible places, reachable with two to four tanks, scooters, restricted side mount lines, technical cave lines, etc.


And also famous routes like the Chinese Garden in TajMahal, the traverses of the Ponderosa and neighboring cenotes, a couple of interesting routes in Minotauro and surrounding areas, the less visited areas of the Aktun Chen system, a few nice challeging routes of the Xunan Ha zone, beautiful different length dives in the KooxBal system; as well as unlimited access to the historical Dos Ojos areas, including the LSD zone and the long multi traverses,The Pit, the MulTun and even the endless amazing passages of the distant Pet Cemetery branches of the Sac Actun System.

We have also many more possibilities in the southern areas and specific complex dives such as the bottom of the Blue Abyss, the deeper lines of The Pit and many more. 

Contact us to schedule the dive of your preference.

We start daily at 9am 

Why would we encourage you to cave dive?

That is a question with no easy answer cause trying to get into words a pure feeling experience is very hard, but we will try. If you got this far means that you already know that this dive experienced changed our life and keeps molding it. The first word that comes from memories is a high level of excitement with a twitch of uncomforted and fear. Afterall finding a flooded hole in the middle of the thick jungle doesn´t screams come get in with your scuba!!!! Getting in the water is the first trick of the many you have to pull from the bag, sediment is very sensitive and after two steps in the crystal-clear water turns into “chocolate” in seconds and it can get smelly too, again no matter how crazy you are in your daily life this definitively doesn´t looks like a good idea. First few meters in following in touch contact a thin nylon line when your eyes are hungry of light and open as much as they can looking to grasp and define the crazy shapes that shadows make with the sound of your breath and the high pitch sound bubbles make as they run to the ceiling and thorough the bedrock above your head, you get close to you as never before and then; it clears up…….water is pristine, immaculate, clean, fresh, your flash light can clearly show you the room….. you see the walls the floor, the ceiling and a thin line that gets lost into the darkness. You are very aware of your breathing, the bubbles. Everything is “clean” comfortable, friendly but uncommunicative and at the same time intriguing and silent. A profound ancient felling is awake, curiosity. And this is what will get you reborn, it will take you back to primitive simple times were curiosity becomes the drive. And this area is so vast that it can keep feeding your hungry of curiosity for decades. We have been here over two and we are still hungry…..  
Once these primitive sensations awake inside you the only reasonable action to take is to share with others and look over its preservation, it simply feels the correct path to take. 

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