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As our location is the most convenient one for the best cenote experience dives, we offer an every day possibility for this kind of adventures dedicated to divers with recreational certifications. A nice initiation for diving into the magnificent underground environments in the friendly naturally illuminated areas of our pristine water springs: the cenotes.

9 AM for one or two dives

1 PM for one dive

Cenote - Cavern Clinic:

One confined water practice and 2 Cenote - Cavern dives.

(Check Cavern Diving Section).

What should be our attitude towards these places?

We believe that there is only one attitude towards these environments: respect. Once the connection is stablished a strong feeling of protection becomes an urgent constant through your activities. Primarily because you understand how magnificently huge they are and amazingly fragile. An ambiguity that makes you think about not going in there at all and keep them as a secret for as long as possible. Understanding that hiding it is not possible and that not everyone makes a connection unveils how vulnerable they really are even dough they have been around for thousands of years, we humans have developed the ability to modify quite fast any environment frequently not to the good end for the environment and its habitants. The amazing Mayas within their great wisdom became a great example about this particular point. Therefore, we believe that history oblige us to do better, the economic growth is unstoppable and we humans we always search for comfort and usually nature ends up paying the price, examples are everywhere. Fortunately, these environments have unveiled through past years a few of their many secrets to provide us with tools for the fight. The history of humans arriving in the continent is better understand today due to the many human remains that have been found among the thousands of feet survey so far are irrefutable testimony of our history in these lands. Proof of weather in ancient times can help us prepared for what could be in the near future. Undoubtedly the environment changes, changes without human influence take thousands and millions of years, many sections in within the caves are evident proof of this, understanding the many dynamics and the enormous amount of elapsed time that allowed them to occur for us to witness them today can only makes you humble towards the magnificent ways nature has to express. Like everything else it will end up transformed in dust when its time comes. So, our best path is to enjoy our privileged and procure the least amount of influence in this delicate superior and slow process. Once you dive them you have no other option but to agreed, and we dare you to prove us otherwise. 

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