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20 years ago the adventure started... we are now reloaded and ready for the upcoming 2022 !!!​

Why are we doing this?


Well, we don’t want to discourage your intention of approaching to the submerged caves, but we want to share our vision and let you know that we consider a huge responsibility to take people here. It is an enormous privilege and requires an even bigger commitment. Can you imagine loosing control of your buoyancy and breaking a 15k+ year old stalactite? Can you see yourself one hour away from the exit having an emotional breakdown?

Cave diving is a serious activity. Cave divers are (by far) the best divers of the world. It is the elite of diving. The finest forms of movement and discipline of procedures, combined with the perfect planning and the best ways to prevent and cope with contingencies. “La crème de la crème” of the underwater world is also underground.

Is it more important safety than conservation? Not necessarily. We believe that having them in equal levels makes us better and more worthy divers.

And that is the double principle of our training philosophy: safety and conservation.


Is scuba diving safe? Are you a safe diver? Are your dive buddies safe divers?

Safety can refer to the control of recognized hazards in order to achieve an acceptable level of risk. The true difference among divers and dive operators is the definition of “acceptable risk” and the main reason for this is dive experience. We all have read about the potential risks involved in the scuba world. All dive manuals are written based on historical references and lab simulations, some of our books come from the clever association between these and common sense. However, every diver has its own set of experience that validates or not the information that is presented to them.  Environment presents a big part on how a diver dives and which skills he is more proficient at. Undoubtedly if you consider a dive where the environment has no natural light a thin sediment or percolation that can reduce to zero your ability to see even with all your underwater lights on, an exit point as far as you decide to go in the environment among other beauties and challenges the recognition of such hazards and an achievable level of control are mandatory to perform the dive. By definition is no different than any other dive you have done but one main difference; the amount of time that takes to reach a surface.  This simple factor is what defines technical diving, the difference is time.

When planning an average open water recreational dive, we consider the surface to be in within two minutes and for most of the divers it is consider an easy “escape” swimming up. When a diver starts enjoying “deeper” dives for a wreck or reef walls that surface is no longer available on a single breathe and swim to the surface so some of the diving principles become more important to consider even though not everyone actually does make them more important. An easy example is distance between divers with the simple reason that according to procedures your dive buddy is carrying some of your breathing air available for a dive and you are carrying his. However, we can still witness on daily dives that the concept of distance between divers is not followed properly by many divers, why? They have either never witnessed an out of air scenario or experienced it. They all have read about it and were taught about it but….. it´s never become real and probably it never will be due to probability. We, the staff have done over 50000 dives combined in many different environments and witness less than 30 failures or out of air scenarios real life. But we have, and that has made a big influence in our diving. What you read in the manuals can become truth and you don´t want it to be yours.

We believe and proof through the past 25 years that everyone can become a good diver, we have witness great development of regular humans into scuba divers and we have influence many in becoming Citizens of the Republic, anyone with these basic understanding: time, experience, respect, (safety and conservation) is welcome in the amazing realm of the flooded caves in the Quintana Roo. 

This realm is so special that can change your life and influence it in ways that you don´t even consider possible, if you are ready to reborn, we are ready to guide you through.

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