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Side Mount is not a new system, what is relatively new is its adaptation to almost any kind of diving.

Side Mount opens the door of the technical diving world to almost any diver, as it allows the user to carry more than one scuba cylinder without the need of extra strength. For people with small body size or low body volume can become the only reasonable option to put on themselves more than their body weights.

In our normal lives we tend to abuse of our back and spine. Specially when we experience for many years static city habits (with too long sitting down times) and then we dare to put weight in our backs. Back and spine problems are becoming a common problem in the diving world.

Carrying one tank at a time and assembling them in the water aside of our body becomes a pleasant change. The unnatural hump of a back mount rig disappears and we become totally hydrodynamic.  

The perfect trim becomes a natural process due to the change of the gravity center of our heavy load. Just by softly putting some tension on the lower back muscles and extending the elbows, the equilibrium and the ideal diving position come both spontaneous. The sky-diving look comes automatic.

On top of the physiological and physical aspects the safety factor comes. The concept of real redundancy appears and the psychological-emotional effect is notorious: having a totally independent back-up life-support device gives us total comfort and peace of mind… virtually any contingency with a regulator can be faced and solved in an easy agile way by just switching to the other side.

Open Water Side Mount Diver.  Two days

Self sufficient/reliant/solo Side Mount Diver: + 2 days

Upgrade of any cave level for Side Mount configuration: 2 days

Upgrade of certain open circuit technical levels for Side Mount configuration: two to three days

 * In all cases the prerequisites are different.  Please send an email for specific details.


* Instructor development courses for all levels. Contact us for details. 

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