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Going Technical is the best option for any diver that wants to go serious in underwater activities. The traditional development that most of the recreational agencies offer (Rescue, Divemaster, Instructor) can be interesting but not really helpful for the personal skill growth of a diver. The supervision activities and the fact of becoming caretakers of others, might not be a reasonable goal for every diver. Technical Diving is the right path for the diver that wants to expand the limits and open the great door of what can be the dream of any adventurous human: exploration. Seeing places never seen before by others.

We provide Technical Diving courses on Side Mount configuration according to IANTD and TDI standards and levels:

- Tek Open Water Side Mount Diver: two to three days. 

- Advanced Nitrox with Deco Procedures Diver: three to four days.

- Extended Range or Technical Diver: two to three days.

- Normoxic Trimix Diver: three days.


* In all cases the prerequisites are different.  Please send an email for specific details.

* Instructor development courses for all levels. Contact us for details.

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