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All our courses are perfomed on Side Mount configuration... However we can also be compatible with Back Mount divers.

We teach all levels of recreational diving, from open water, divemaster, all the way to instructor development courses and we specialize in cave and technical training.
We belong to the major and most inclusive international associations: TDI and IANTD. We teach under the standards of both of them at all times.

Our proposition to you is this: we will do our absolute best to assist you on YOUR development of skills, knowledge and experience that will provide you the means to set new limits and goals for your future in diving.   
Through 25 years providing scuba diving education we have learned that scuba diving programs are generic and scuba diving instructors true ability is to become a tailor so student divers can absorb the information adequately.  
Certification is earned through the adequate achievement of clear objectives and objectives are reached with the proper development of skills based on each individual experience and abilities.
Success is defined for each student and reached through individual paths.





. - Upgrades of Cave levels for Side Mount configuration 

. - Upgrades of Technical levels for Side Mount configuration 

. - Solo Divng (self sufficient) Side Mount certifications 

. - Instructor Develeopment Courses​

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